Marquee-Lights? Marquee-Lights!

New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood… The origin of our MARQUEE-LIGHTS is America.


Big lighted letters were shown even in the early 40th of the last century on every entrance of broadway filmtheaters, casinos, restaurants and bars. The nostalgic charm of our MARQUEE-LIGHTS  let you feel the sense of life of bygone days. This vintage style is now coming back to us.


Regardless of wether used as a commercial logo or an living home decoration for the vintage fan, our MARQUEE-LIGHTS represent a great field of applications.


As LICHT-CON we are able to provide many different models, assorted sizes, colors and shapes. No matter if a single letter,  whole words or expressive signs, you can find in our shop everything your heart can desire. 

ab 39,90 € 2
ab 29,90 € 2
ab 79,90 € 2
Stern Variante 1
ab 39,90 € 2
ab 39,90 € 2
ab 29,90 € 2
ab 39,90 € 2
ab 54,90 € 2